379th Fighter Squadron


379th Fighter Squadron


Information regarding the 379th Fighter Squadron, as a part of the 362nd Fighter Group


Items in this collection have the distinction of applying solely to the 379th Fighter Squadron. While they can also apply to the 362nd Fighter Group, their distinction is important given the time Colonel Laughlin spent as their Commanding Officer. However, the date of creation does not relegate items to this collection or that of the 362nd Fighter Group; it is the content and context of the item itself.


National Museum of the United States Air Force
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United States Air Force


March 1943-December 1945

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Side by Side Takeoff
It was not uncommon for pilots to execute dual takeoffs when launching for a mission. It ensured the planes would get into the air and into formation quicker than doing it one-by-one. This picture is captioned as being at Station 159 in Wormingford,…

P-47 Liftoff
A P-47 from the 379th takes off for a mission. Note the closest wheel is already being put away. This picture is captioned as being at Station 159 in Wormingford, Essex, England. The plane is setting out on a bomber escort mission.

The Tail Designations on a P-47
The markings on the vertical stabilizer of a plane had two distinctions. The bottom stripe delineated what type of plane it was; the black stripe was on all P-47s in the war. The tip of the fin designated which fighter group the plane belonged to;…

Lining up for Takeoff
P-47s from the 379th are lined up for takeoff. Final checks are being performed, and they are waiting to be given the go ahead. This was taken at the base outside Rennes, France.
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