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Army Air Corps


The 362nd Fighter Group was a part of the XIX Tactical Air Command (TAC) which was under the Ninth Air Force in the Army Air Corps


No matter the differences between the Army and the Army Air Corps, the Air Corps steadfastly supported their ground counterparts. As a part of the Ninth Air Force, the 362nd Fighter Group flew in coordination of General Omar N. Bradley's First Army. They were a small cog in a very large war machine.

Items in this collection do not apply completely to the Ninth Air Force, the 362nd Fighter Group, or the 379th Fighter Squadron. They are a part of the larger story of the Army Air Corps.


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A Meeting of Army Air Corps Commanding Officers
From left to right: Major General Elwood Quesada of the Ninth Air Force, Brigadier General Gordon Saville of the Twelfth Air Force, and Major General Hoyt Vandenburg, Ninth Air Force Commander. This meeting took place after the invasion of Southern…

An Airman on Skis
As the brutal winter of 1944 set in, life at the forward operating bases (FOB) had to continue. Flying missions was still a possibility if the weather and runways were clear. This airman managed to find some skis to get around the base. Seen here…

Bomber escort missions for P-47s
Every aircraft in the Army Air Corps had their missions, but none were more diverse than those held by pilots of P-47s. For example, the 362nd Fighter Group had four mission types over the course of their time in service: bomber escort, air…

Omaha World-Herald Announces Change in Medal Rankings
In this article, the army has decided to rank the Air Medal above the Purple Heart. It also lists all of the medals in the Army from most prestigious to least prestigious.

A Tribute to Fighters
There is no indication of which newspaper ran this article, however, it appears to be written by a British gunner in response to a group of P-47s providing escort to his crew. It shows just how thankful airmen, especially those in the bombers, were…

A Destroyed P-47 and the Pilots' Grave
This P-47 was destroyed when its' squadron bombed a gunpowder storage depot. According to the museum information plaque, the grave for the pilot was dug by a refugee French couple, who used some of the leftover .50 caliber ammunition to outline the…

A P-47 with Razorback Canopy
The original versions of the P-47 that were sent to the 362nd Fighter Group had the Razorback canopy. Pilots of the 362nd credit Colonel Laughlin with the change to the Bubble Top canopy, a positive change for visibility and accessibility. This…
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