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The markings on the vertical stabilizer of a plane had two distinctions. The bottom stripe delineated what type of plane it was; the black stripe was on all P-47s in the war. The tip of the fin designated which fighter group the plane belonged to;…

The P-47D that sits in the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, was painted to represent the P-47 flown by Colonel Joseph Lyle Laughlin, Five by Five. The museum's curator, Jeff Duford, put forth several pilots for the…

The cowl color of P-47s fresh from the factory was black. They did not require a new color until they were to enter combat. However, Colonel Laughlin was so enamored with his nose art that he asked his crew chief to salvage the cowl off of every…

This article describes the steps that 4 Nebraskans, including Joseph Laughlin, had to complete in order to be eligible to get their wings. It also describes the air corps program under which the new pilots were sought, as the Army Air Corps realized…

This article announces the return of Colonel Laughlin stateside after V-J day. It gives a brief overview of his time in the Pacific and European Theaters of Operation.

The staff of the National Museum of the USAF researched the original nose art done by Captain George Rarey. They replicated it, in honor of both Colonel Laughlin and Captain Rarey, understanding the respect and love that Colonel Laughlin had for…

Lodgings were not always glamorous for the 362nd Fighter Group. However, after Colonel Joseph Laughlin managed to "acquire" a chateau outside Reims, the pilots of the group were upgraded from these tents.

This was the chateau located outside the city of Reims that was "acquired" by Colonel Joseph Laughlin for the pilots of the 362nd Fighter Group. They were the nicest accommodations they would have during the war, and no one wanted to leave.

Although war was on the horizon, the US military did not know when it would arrive. This certification of enlistment in the Army Air Corps Reserve states that then-Lt. Laughlin would serve in the Reserves for five years. By the end of that period,…

In this article taken from the Associated Press, the 362nd received their second Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism in action against the enemy in Germany.
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