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Lodgings were not always glamorous for the 362nd Fighter Group. However, after Colonel Joseph Laughlin managed to "acquire" a chateau outside Reims, the pilots of the group were upgraded from these tents.

This photograph was taken just after Colonel Laughlin's marriage to Audrey Jean McElroy in late 1945, after his return from the war. It is one of the few times he is seen out of uniform.

This photo shows P-47s in the 362nd fighter group preparing to take-off. They are waiting for the signal from the grounds crewman to hit the throttle. They are not attempting to do a dual take-off at this airfield in Reims, France.

The original versions of the P-47 that were sent to the 362nd Fighter Group had the Razorback canopy. Pilots of the 362nd credit Colonel Laughlin with the change to the Bubble Top canopy, a positive change for visibility and accessibility. This…

This P-47 was destroyed when its' squadron bombed a gunpowder storage depot. According to the museum information plaque, the grave for the pilot was dug by a refugee French couple, who used some of the leftover .50 caliber ammunition to outline the…

This illustration shows the pathway of air into the engine of the P-47, showing how effective it made the P-47 at higher altitudes. The thinning air was compressed in the turbines as it passed on to the engine. This helped to increase horsepower and…

A side by side comparison of the original Razorback canopy (right) and the updated Bubble Top canopy (left) on P-47s. Complaints with the Razorback canopy included difficulty in bailing out for pilots in flight, as well as overall visibility.

In addition to the .50-caliber machine guns, the P-47 was able to hold multiple kinds of bombs. This P-47 decorated as the one flown by Colonel Joseph Laughlin has 500-lb bombs attached under each wing. The planes were also capable of holding…

The P-47 had 4 .50-caliber machine guns on each wing. Each gun could fire at a rate of around 500 rounds per minute, meaning a lot of firepower was needed in each wing. These guns were in addition to the bombs that could be attached under each wing.

The heavy P-47 Thunderbolt was built to withstand a lot of damage. According the the National Museum of the USAF, this P-47 from the Ninth Air Force landed with a hung up 500-lb bomb. The force of the landing made it detached and the explosion…
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