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This article announces the return of Colonel Laughlin stateside after V-J day. It gives a brief overview of his time in the Pacific and European Theaters of Operation.

The before and after shots of the Linder Dam show the short term effect of the damage done by squadrons of the 362nd Fighter Group. The 378th and 379th squadrons took part in the bombings, with Colonel Laughlin leading the way. The pilots were…

This press release covers the combat record that Colonel Laughlin had accrued up until December of 1944. In it, it discusses his recent promotion, his awards, his most notorious credits of destruction, and an account of all destroyed German…

This map shows where and how D-Day was carried out by Allied forces. It also shows the front line position right before General Patton broke through the line with his Third Army. Major successes on the ground were due in large part to their air…
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