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This article describes the attack at Brest Harbor, including the destruction of a German Light Cruiser that was credited to Colonel Laughlin. No aircraft were lost in the bombing of the Cruiser and 14 additional merchant vessels.

This German anti-aircraft weapon was designed to fire flak at high-flying aircraft. It could do some damage, even on the ruggedly built P-47.

This German anti-aircraft weapon was designed to fire flak at low-flying aircraft. It could be used against P-47 during divebombing runs, close-air support, and fighter sweep missions.

This press release, also found in a partial article from a Nebraska newspaper also in this collection, describes the recent successes of Colonel Laughlin in France. It includes the details behind a Ninth Air Force record-setting flight that was…

377th Fighter Squadron pilots Lt. Robert J. "Red" Campbell and Lt. Roy D. Christian hang onto a previously camouflaged 88 mm flak gun. These larger flak guns were used to target high-altitude planes, like the P-47. Sadly, Lt. Christian was KIA a few…
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