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Colonel Joseph Laughlin on Joining the Army Air Corps.mp4
Colonel Laughlin tells the story of "chance" and "luck" getting him into the Army Air Corps.

This insignia was introduced in 1943. The blue and white gloss insignia was referred to as the "star and bar" and was standard on all planes in the U.S. military in WWII. It was painted under both wings to help ground troops avoid friendly fire. The…

With one leg in the cockpit of his P-47, Colonel Laughlin shakes hands with his commander, Colonel Magoffin, the two of them sharing a laugh amidst the stresses of training for war.

The men of the 362nd F. G. were encouraged by their commander, Colonel Joseph Laughlin, to do whatever was necessary to relax. He wanted them to take their minds away from the troubles of war to help them cope. Some of the men took that time to…

An example of a flying formation of the 362nd fighter group, shown by pilots of the 379th fighter squadron. The lead plane is Colonel Joseph Laughlin. The plaid color on the nose signifies that he is group commander.
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