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Colonel Laughlin gives a toothy grin as he settles into the cockpit of his P-47. Notice the suit and tie visible under his flight suit.

Although he was known as a very jovial person, Colonel Laughlin had a serious side that he never really showed in front of cameras. Here he looks out with a very severe and serious expression while standing in front of his final P-47 in his flight…

From left, 1st Lt. Joe Lane, Colonel Laughlin, 1st Lt. John Hill, and an unknown pilot stand in front the the chateau outside of Reims. Colonel Laughlin managed to "acquire" it, and it was large enough to house all of the pilots of the 362nd Fighter…

This rare color photo of Colonel Laughlin was taken by a special group of the Army Air Corps. Tasked with getting color photos and footage of P-47 pilots in the Ninth Air Force, they made sure to get shots of the Group Commander. Here, Colonel…

Two portrait photos of Colonel Laughlin. One is formal, with him facing the camera in his Officer's uniform. The other is informal, with him looking off to one side while wearing his flight suit over his uniform. Both photos show him with the same…

With one leg in the cockpit of his P-47, Colonel Laughlin shakes hands with his commander, Colonel Magoffin, the two of them sharing a laugh amidst the stresses of training for war.

This picture shows Colonel Laughlin and his crew chief, Sgt. Chodor, talking before Laughlin prepped for flight. There had to be a lot of trust between a pilot and his crew chief; not only were they responsible for the overall maintenance of the…
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